Figure Friday: Mattel WWE NXT TakeOver Series 4 (Photos)

It’s Figure Friday and this week we take a look at one of the newest and most sought after Target Exclusive series, Mattel’s WWE NXT TakeOver Series 4!

The set includes:

  • Aleister Black
  • Drew McIntyre
  • Ruby Riott
  • Killian Dain

The Packaging

The packaging on the NXT figures is really cool as it’s very vibrant, like the NXT logo, with a bright yellow and white color scheme. It’s also in the shape of an X, which is also very unique compared to all the Mattel WWE Elite lines. Both sides of the box feature an image of the wrestler and the back features a mini bio about them as well as some stats. The card behind each wrestler in the box is customized with their specific logos, which is neat for display if you choose to keep them mint. I also like it says when exactly they debuted as I believe each figure is based off their NXT debut attire. The only odd thing is that several of these stars are having their very first figures yet their boxes don’t say “First Time in the Line” like their other Elites and Basics have. Regardless, this is some of my favorite Mattel WWE packaging as it’s just so unique looking.

Killian Dain

This is Killian’s very first figure and it’s pretty good. He will most likely be the shelf warmer of the set meaning he will always be the one left behind as he’s probably the least popular guy in this set. His head scan is probably his biggest downfall in my opinion as it looks a bit animated/cartoon-like compared to the others. I am hoping he will have a Basic figure soon with a better scan featuring their True FX technology that we could swap with this one. Besides the scan the detail on him is great.

He has his rubber entrance jacket with the hood as well as removable bandana that goes over his mouth. The jacket’s hood holds this piece in place over his face. He also has his attire draped around his waist, which is also made of rubber to give it a more authentic look. His rubber gear is nice, but they also gave him new boot molds that are very detailed. Pain also has his crazy chest hair as he’s a pretty hairy guy. He should probably have some on his arms as well but they didn’t include that detail. It looks like he’d give George “The Animal” Steele some hefty competition if they truly made him as hairy as he is.

Regardless of him not being the most sought after in this set, you’ll want him to complete SAnity with Eric Young and Nikki Cross so far with Wolfe on the way!

Ruby Riott

This is also Ruby’s very first figure in the Mattel WWE toy line and they knocked her out of the park! The detail on her is amazing as she has a ton of tattoo work, which is also very detailed, and they captured it so well. She has a grinning face scan with her not quite as long hair as she currently has now. You can see the detail in the shaved part of her head as well as her hair on the opposite side. She even has her ear spacer piercing, which is a great detail.

Moving on to her attire she has a removable vest that’s made out of rubber as it’s pretty detailed. You can see all the logos and pockets on it. She also has a molded bra, which hides her ball-jointed chest joint. There’s a ton of detail on her sports bra, which is really awesome. On her back she has some weird molding above her bra strap where it seems they covered something. Moving on to her legs she has the half-tights attire so her right leg is covered in crazy detail while her awesome thigh tattoo is revealed on her left leg. She also has rubber knee pads that are pretty detailed, so Mattel didn’t skip a beat with her.

Overall, Ruby is a fantastic figure. She is supposedly having a more current version releasing but there hasn’t been anymore news on that in awhile. The only downfall really is her hands as one is a closed fist while the other is a flat hand, so you can’t have her hold any accessories or anything like that if you wanted to. Besides that her detail is fantastic and really makes the figure pop.

Drew McIntyre

Drew is highly sought after now that’s on the main roster and this is his first figure in years. It’s actually selling for obnoxious prices on eBay right now as these figures aren’t so easy to find at the moment. Drew looks decent for his return figure, but it’s not perfect. Most people complain about the head scan as he has no neck and his head is a bit thick, which is my biggest gripe but I can look past it.

Drew has a removable entrance jacket that is pretty detailed. The shoulders and upper back have a neat molded pattern on it. The vest is a bit difficult to remove so just be patient as the shoulder area is thicker and not quite as flexible as the rest of it. Once removed you can see he’s a pretty simple figure but he usually has a very simple attire. He has designs on his trunks as well as has his black wrist tape. He also has the small rubber kneepads that don’t restrict his knee movement much at all, thankfully, as well as his kick pad like boots even though he wears laced boots now. They even gave him a little chest hair, which is a nice added detail as well.

Overall, Drew is a great figure for those who want a current version of him. He does supposedly have a Basic on the way which may or may not feature a new scan that you could swap onto this body. You could always boot swap his boots with laced ones if you wanted as well. Regardless, this modern Drew is a great placeholder until he gets another Elite, which he probably will in the future.

Aleister Black

Lastly, we have arguably the most sought after figure in this set, Alesiter Black. This is Aleister’s very first figure in the Mattel WWE line and they did an amazing job on him. His tattoo work is nothing short of unbelievable as it’s probably the most tattooed Mattel WWE figure to date. Aleister is currently selling for big money on eBay as he is in such high demand and honestly has been since he was first revealed awhile back.

He comes with a removable entrance vest, which has all of his logos and other details on it. It’s a flimsy rubber so you can remove it pretty easily from him, just be patient getting his first arm through it while removing. Once the vest is removed you can see the amazing tattoo work on him. From the tiny moon tattoo by his left eye to the tattoos behind both ears to every tattoo from his neck to his knees. Mattel didn’t skip any detail with him and even if they left out any tattoos you probably wouldn’t even notice. Several are colored while others are black. He even has tattoos on his fingers and the sides of his hands, which just shows you how much effort they truly put into his figure. His rubber kneepads don’t restrict his movement too much, which is great for recreating moves like his Black Mass as seen above. And of course you can’t forget the gold designs on his right kick pad, which makes his boots a little more interesting to look at.

Overall, Aleister is an amazing figure and could even be considered a candidate for Mattel’s 2019 figure of the year in my honest opinion. I highly recommend you don’t sleep on getting this figure as he is the first one to be ripped off the pegs if you’re lucky enough to find one at this time.


This is easily the best NXT series released to date as it’s all new people during NXT’s peak. These are also some of Mattel’s best figures, Ruby and Black especially, as they’re both so tatted up that they make for some amazing looking figures. They are a bit challenging to locate at Target currently as the older set seems to still be rotting on the pegs nearly a year later. Should you come across them scoop them up as you won’t be disappointed! They are on the Target website but sell out in minutes and they’re stocked at very random times of the day and night, but you can sign up for notification alerts on their website. Don’t miss out on these honestly!

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