Buff Bagwell: Rumors About Scrapped Plane Crash Death Angle Before Halloween Havoc 1998 Are ‘100% Correct’

buff bagwell

Photo Credit: Chris McGrath/ALLSPORT

Buff Bagwell says the rumors about plans for him to be involved in a plane crash ‘death’ angle in WCW are “100% correct.”

Buff was the guest on this week’s episode of Sitting Ringside with David Penzer, and the topic of this rumored plane crash angle was brought up. Penzer explained there was an angle pitched by Eric Bischoff in 1998 where Buff would “die” in a plane crash, but would later show up at Halloween Havoc in a surprise run-in.

Penzer: “So, I’ve wanted to ask you this forever. There was a rumor going around that Eric [Bischoff] wanted to work an angle having you “die” in a plane crash and come and interfere in a match and not smarten up the boys. Is that correct?”

After a somewhat stunned reaction that Penzer brought the scrapped angle up, Bagwell did admit there were actual plans to go through with the angle, although they were ultimately scrapped:

Bagwell:” 100% correct! MGM Grand was one of the last Halloween Havoc’s we did (1998), and he (Eric) wanted me to die in a plane crash and so he was going to do it. I had already called my parents to get them ready for this, my wife to let them know, and then they switched it, I did some kind of a run in, I think in a Bill Clinton mask.” (If we went through with the original plan), “he wanted me to come down like a ghost, on wires, after the plane crash. Out of his mouth to me.”

Buff also talks about the heat he has in wrestling, his thoughts on who killed WCW, what went wrong in WWE, and who is to blame. A must listen to discussion with one of wrestling’s most controversial figures. Check out the full episode below:

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