Jay White On The Origins Of ‘Switchblade’, The Culture Shock Of Going To Japan

jay white

Photo by New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Getty Images

Jay White was a recent guest on Talk Is Jericho, and the new IWGP Heavyweight Champion talked about developing his character, getting a shot at being a top star in Japan and much more:

On first going to NJPW

“Big culture shock. I had no idea what I was actually coming over to do. Looking back, I sure have really looked into the workings of New Japan [Pro Wrestling], I was more looking like to try to technically wrestling was just try to be as good as I can. I had no knowledge about the background of the company really. All I really knew of it was guys like yourself [Chris Jericho] and Eddie [Guerrero] had come through. That’s who I really looked up to in WWE. You guys stuck out above everyone else. The thing you guys had in common was that you’ve been through here. I knew that and once I might Devitt [Finn Balor], I started watching his stuff more. The history to it and some of the older guys, I didn’t really have much knowledge of it. So that was a big shock for me. Trying to obviously learn that stuff. I had no idea how the dojo worked in terms of these young lions. They do this for however long. I didn’t come over with black trunks or boots. I had to get them done over here because I had no idea I was coming over here, I had no idea what a young lion was. So I really had no information on what I was coming over to do.”

Jay White on the original idea behind ‘Switchblade”

“The first one he [Gedo] came up with he said it was like ‘Razor Sharp’ was the first thing. Straightaway I didn’t have anything for Razor, I just feel like people would go to Razor Ramon. He wanted it to be kind of aggressive and cut-throat type thing. It was kind of like the original idea to just be this really aggressive guy. That snappy aggressive style was one of the original ideas. It it was just built on from there. We kind of came up with the name ‘Switchblade’ instead when we were driving home from a show. Cause was in a show like ROH when New Japan came over and we had a meeting with him and he gave me the idea and just left it up to myself. It all worked out pretty good, but they did leave it up to myself with look-wise and what you want to do from there. It develops naturally. Once I came back and the more you’re hearing stuff, the easier it is.”

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