Sonya Deville Replacing Lana On Total Divas

Sonya Deville

Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Sonya Deville will be the latest castmember on Total Divas, as she will be replacing Lana on Season 9 of the E! reality show.

Earlier this week, Lana told Lilian Garcia on her Chasing Glory podcast that she was being removed from the show, a decision that apparently came from a group of E! executives. Deville confirmed she would be joining the cast on last night’s SmackDown review show on Afterbuzz, saying she was super excited about the opportunity:

“It’s funny that you bring that up; I have something to exclusively tell you guys, but I’ll get to that in a second. Part of being a WWE Superstar, to me, is showing the fans what happens outside of the ring. Who I am—in the ring, and in my personal life—is important to defining my character. I am tough for a reason. I have been through things, and I am the person I am for a lot of reasons, and I love sharing those stories for the fans because it’s relatable. Fans everyday can relate to what I’ve been through with stuff that they’re going through in their own lives. On that topic, I’ll be on Season 9 of Total Divas, which is something that I’m super excited about.

We’re starting this week; we filmed a little bit at the Rumble, but this week is really the first week of filming. I don’t even know if I was supposed to tell you guys that, but whatever. [laughs] Y’all are my friends, so you know now!”

Deville also said her girlfriend would be featured on the show, and it might be a big adjustment, but said she remains excited for the opportunity:

“Obviously I’m nervous, because any time you have cameras in your house, in your personal life and home, your relationship, it’s obviously nerve-racking. My life is crazy and shit happens sometimes that I’m not proud of, and I’ve made mistakes, but it’s going to be captured on TV and it’s going to air and people are hopefully going to be able to relate to some of that.”

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