WWE SmackDown Live Results (2/12/19)

Miz TV:

The Smackdown Tag Team Champions, the Co-Besties announce that the show is now called McMiz Tv. The Usos are tonight’s guest. Jimmy and Jey join Miz and Shane in the ring. Jimmy tells the crowd to show some respect to the so-called “best tag team in the world”. Jimmy and Jey question Miz and Shane’s friendship. The Usos do the “Tag Team Test”, where one asks questions about and the other answers. Miz and Shane do the same, but Miz whispers the answers to Shane. Miz asks about Mandy Rose. Shane holds back Jey. Jey tells Shane not to touch him. Shane tells Jey he is going to slap him so hard Jimmy is going to feel it. Jimmy and Jey superkick Miz and Shane at the same time.

In Ring Segment: The New Daniel Bryan and Rowan

Bryan says those who think they want him to lose the WWE Championship are lying to themselves. They NEED Bryan to be the champion. Bryan is interrupted by the New Day. Kingston is going to represent New Day in the Elimination Chamber.

Gauntlet Match: Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles vs Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton vs Samoa Joe vs Jeff Hardy (Winner Enters The Elimination Chamber Match Last)

Kingston and Bryan are first up. Kingston and Bryan trade headlocks and takedowns. Bryan puts Kingston in a bow and arrow hold. Kingston turns it into a pin. Bryan kicks out. Kingston takes Bryan over with two deep arm drags. Bryan kicks out but Kingston starts working on Bryan’s arm via an armbar. Bryan knees Kingston in the gut. Bryan kitchen sinks Kingston two more times. Kingston lands a flying back elbow. Bryan tries to throw Kingston over the top but Kingston skins the cat. Kingston sends Bryan to the outside. Falling star splash to the outside by Kingston. After the break, Bryan sent Kingston into the ring steps. Bryan gets a near fall. Bryan suplexes Kingston on the top rope. Bryan hits a diving knee off the top rope. Kingston kicks out at two. Bryan misses a diving headbutt off the top. Kingston boom drops Bryan, then hits a senton for a near fall. Bryan traps Kingston in the tree of woe. Sliding dropkick by Bryan for a near fall. Bryan tries an avalanche back suplex but Kingston lands on Bryan’s head as they land.

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