MJF Has Been Banned From Starrcast II Courtesy Of Conrad Thompson


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

MJF may be one of AEW‘s hottest signings, but that won’t grant him access into Starrcast II.

Conrad Thompson has been the focus of MJF’s bullying since the wrestling podcast star helmed hosting duties for the two major AEW events and the chickens have finally come home to roost because of it as MJF is banned from the event. Starrcast II coincides with AEW’s Double Or Nothing on May 25 in Las Vegas and needless to say, MJF was none too pleased about the move and expressed such on Twitter with continued digs at Thompson.

The guest announcements have been piling up for the event which will include the likes of Sting, Bret Hart & Scott Hall, but the esteemed MJF is currently not inked down in the guest book.

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