Mattel WWE Retros Series 8 Review (Photos)

Photo credit: FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP/Getty Images

If you loved collecting the old school WWE Hasbro figures then you will love the WWE Retros Series 8 action figures!

This lineup features: Braun Strowman, Zack Ryder, Iron Sheik and Jeff Hardy! You can currently get them on and SAVE 10% with discount doe MBG!

The Packaging

The packaging on these mimics the old Hasbro style WWE figures with a large, flat cardboard card with a large image of the featured wrestler on the front. It also shows a demo of the action sequence the figure features in the bottom right and of course you can see the figure on the left in a bubble protector. These figures happen to come with a QR code you scan to unlock the wrestler you purchased in the WWE Mayhem app game.

The back of the box showcases how to download the wrestler in the game as well as how to how to perform their action sequence. Not to mention you can see who else is featured in the set.

Braun Strowman

Braun is my favorite in the set as he’s just a monstrous Retro figure. His action sequence features a powerslam move where you can lift his arm up, both his arms then lift together, then slam down quickly. For a Retro he has a decent amount of detail although it lacks several of his tattoos. These figures usually lack a lot of detail as they have a smaller budget and call for a more charicature-like style in that they’re simplified, somewhat deformed figures than being super detailed. Braun’s screaming scan captures his personality quite well and makes for a fun take on him in this style action figure.

Jeff Hardy

Jeff is probably the most sought after figure in the set as his action figures seem to always sell very well. His attire is pretty simple with the black and purple but it captures his look quite well with the amount of detail these figures have. He doesn’t have any of his tattoos or anything like that, which isn’t surprising as his tattoos are always so detailed. Jeff features a Whisper In The Wind action sequence but it’s really just the kick sequence like some of the other Retro figures have. If you were to pose Jeff in the air performing Whisper In The Wind then you could see what they were going for. Looking at his head his head scan is similar to his other figures and even has the spacers in his earlobes, which is a cool little detail. If you’re a Jeff Hardy fan this mini figure is a great piece to add to your collection or even display on a shelf or desk.

Iron Sheik

You may think Iron Sheik is quite random in this set, but Mattel is actually trying to help old school collectors fill the gaps in their Hasbro collection with these. Surprisingly Iron Sheik never had a Hasbro figure back in the day so you can finally add him to your collection. He features a fun Gutwrench Suplex action sequence, which I believe was never an action sequence with the old Hasbro line. I forget as I was very young when the Hasbros were around but I have a handful in my collection. Sheik has some nice detail on him, from the swords, camels and shoelaces on his boots to the camel on his trunks. If you’re a fan of Sheik, want to fill a hole in your collection or simply have this mini potty-mouthed fella displayed then this is the figure for you in this set!

Zack Ryder

And lastly we have the “Michael Jordan of Figure Collecting” and “Million Dollar Broski” Zack Ryder. Zack had always dreamed of having his own Retro figure, aka Hasbro figure, as a kid and he finally has one. That’s gotta be such a cool feeling to grow up with these figures then have your own. This isn’t a current style Zack Ryder though as it’s based on more of his 2010 era style look I believe. They took the old school clothesline action sequence, twisted his arm upward, and called it a fist pump action to recreate his “Woo Woo Woo” taunt. To activate this you simply just have to twist his waist clockwise and he will swing forward. Zack’s head scan is okay, his teeth aren’t painted, which is a little odd, but the likeness isn’t the best compared to some of his other figures. He does have his logos on his trunks, headband and knee pads at least, which is a nice touch. Zack is probably my least favorite in the set as he’s quite simple compared to the others.


This set is pretty good. The Retro lineups have been pretty nice lately. As said earlier I was very excited to get the Strowman one as he’s a beast of a Retro and of course you can fill in some collection gaps with Iron Sheik. You can currently get them on if you’d love to add these guys to your wrestling figure collection!

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