Velveteen Dream On WWE Legends Returning To The Ring: ‘They Had Their Time. It’s Past Their Prime.’

From time to time WWE will poll their fan base to gauge interest in potential matches and wrestling angles. Whether the company actually listens is a topic best left up to debate, however they may not have expected NXT Superstar Velveteen Dream to respond. WWE asked fans a hypothetical question: Which WWE Hall of Famer should return to the ring?

Choices included the following WWE Hall of Famers:

Velveteen added an additional choice for WWE to consider: none of the above. The NXT Superstar took to Twitter to let WWE know just what he thought about WWE Hall of Famers returning to the ring, “NO They Had Their Time It’s Past Their Prime If I wanna see these guys I’ll spend $9.99 on the NETWORK Use What U Got b/c We’re More Than A Generation of Dreamers WE ARE The DREAM Generation And YES I am The One 2 Talk.”

In a follow up tweet, the NXT Superstar added, “The 80’s, New Generation Era, Attitude Era (ALL DEAD)”

Velveteen Dream also tweeted, “PsA – 2 anybody in the process of making a living in this line of work…… STOP BEING SCARED 2 CRACK AN EGGSHELL. It’s Ours 2 Take Because if I don’t see U at the Grace, don’t expect 2 eat at the Dinner.”

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