Taz On Dean Ambrose’s WWE Departure, Why Ambrose Should ‘Job’ If He’s On His Way Out

ECW legend Taz took to The Taz Show podcast and pulled no punches when discussing Dean Ambrose and the RAW Superstar’s plans on leaving the company, after his contract reportedly expires sometime this April. Highlights appear below.

(Transcription Credit: Michael McClead, WrestleZone)

On WWE Dropping Hints That Ambrose’s Departure Is Legitimate & Not Storyline:

They did a couple things that, to me, seems more and more a shoot, more real, that he’s gonna be gone-ski when his contract’s up. They didn’t advertise him for RAW and he did do a straight job, which is not the end of the world, but to EC3. He’s a guy that is not sure if he’s gonna be on SmackDown or RAW. That’s where they’re going with his character. EC3 is on the come up, as far as the WWE main roster – not his success in TNA, or in NXT. He’s on the come up right now, as we all can agree where he is set to be on RAW or SmackDown, and he’s on the build.

Taz On Fans Angry About Ambrose Losing On His Way Out Of WWE:

I’m sitting there reading this stuff and I’m like, ‘Are these f*cking people crazy?’ Really, are you out of your fricking mind? Do you expect the WWE to have Dean Ambrose look good on the way out the door? That’s called doing the honors. That’s the business. That’s what the business was built on, when you leave, and you go someplace else, and you give the notice, and you’re leaving on your terms, you do the fricking job on the way out the door. It’s business. It’s the right way to do business. Anybody who says that doesn’t know the business. They don’t! You can read all the dirt sheets, all the f*cking bulls*it online, all the social media accounts, and if you’re bitching that a guy is gonna be leaving, and he gave notice, if you’re bitching about the way he’s gonna be treated as he walks out the door, then you truly don’t know nothing about the wrestling business. That’s the right way to do business by WWE and the right way by Dean Ambrose. You do the honors on the way out the door, period! That’s good business. That’s how it works.

On Whether He Believes Ambrose Is Actually Leaving & If WWE Is Doing Right By Ambrose:

I’m not saying Dean Ambrose is not gonna win another match until he leaves, if he is leaving. I still think there’s a slim chance that some of this is bulls*it, but I’m starting to think it’s not. I’m starting to buy in that he’s leaving because they’re using him loosey goosey here.

I found it kind of odd that they gave him mic time on RAW in that segment because let’s say, if he really is leaving, why would they give him mic time? Then as I watched it and I heard what he said – by the way Dean Ambrose’s delivery in this last segment I saw him on with the Alexa Bliss deal, and when I saw him when got in Seth Rollins’ and Triple H’s face last week, two of the best, as far as what I’ve seen with his mic work, in a long time. Dean Ambrose’s performance was awesome and I think it’s because there’s a lot of weight off his chest and he could just be himself, and he knows he’s gone, and he can perform like he knows how to perform.

I was a little surprised they would give him that amount of mic time, but as I heard the content of the mic time, I thought, ‘They’re having him go the old route. Who’s this?’ If you haven’t seen it, Dean Ambrose says, ‘Who’s this? Who’s this guy?’ as he panders his hands toward EC3. He knocks the mic out of his hand, that kind of sh*t, confrontational. Once I heard Dean Ambrose go that route like he didn’t know who EC3 was, I knew right away. He’s putting the guy over and they’re not making him look great by acting like he didn’t know who the guy is. That’s not the problem. I’m teaching you. This is free sh*t I’m giving you here. If you’re gonna lose to a guy, you don’t want to lose to a guy who you don’t know who he is because you look bad when you lose to him. Well, this guy just got beat by a guy, who he didn’t even know who he was. You look really bad for a guy that just lost and you didn’t even know who beat you. Again, that’s all in character. I’m not saying that’s Dean Ambrose’s idea. It could have been. He’s been around.

Could they be making him look bad on his way out the door? Absolutely. Guess what guys? No matter how much you love Dean Ambrose, no matter how big of a fan you are of his, no matter how much you appreciate his work ethic, or how much he’s given to the business, not only that, but to the WWE all these years, it don’t matter what you think. It don’t matter what you think! He’s under contract with the WWE and they’re gonna handle his exit, if he is truly exiting, the way they see fit. That’s the way it goes and you know what? If they told him they weren’t gonna re-up him, and were releasing him, and then did stuff like that, that’s sh*tty. In this regard, you’re the one who wanted to leave. You’re not getting future endeavored. You’re the one who wanted to leave. You’re leaving on your terms, which I respect….’Now it’s our obligation to our company, to our other wrestlers, and to our fan base to handle you the way we see best for our business.’

On Triple H Possibly Reserving A Receipt For Ambrose:

We saw the deal with Dean verbally shredded Triple H last week. It made Triple H look, ‘Ugh.’ That don’t happen much. I’m telling you Triple H is gonna get his receipt. He’s gonna get even. He’s gonna get his revenge on Dean Ambrose.

On Fans Upset About Ambrose Losing:

They’re talking about, ‘It’s such a shame how he’s getting treated. It’s really bad. It’s really sh*tty what you’re doing to Dean Ambrose. Oh my God, it’s horrible. How can you treat him like this? Why are you doing this? It’s a shame. This is cringe worthy. This is an outrage.’ Oh, shut the f*ck up. Are you kidding me? Stop! Guys been pushed forever. He worked his ass off to get where he is. He’s made tons of money. Stop. He gave his notice. This is just business, guys. This is not f*cking playtime here….this is a business. This is a f*cking business. This is not playtime. This is not, ‘Let’s make his fans happy.’ No! It’s about making money. It’s about getting people over. You want to leave? ‘You’re taking yourself out of the game and someone’s got to get over now with what we put into you.’ In the case on Monday, that was EC3. It’s a cycle. It happens to everybody in the business.

Readers may listen to The Taz Show in its entirety below:

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