Figure Friday: Forever Collectibles WWE Bobbleheads: AJ Styles, John Cena and Andre the Giant (Photos)

On this week’s Figure Friday we take a look at not your typical “figures,” the latest WWE bobbleheads!

Forever Collectibles recently released their new line of WWE bobbleheads, which surfaced on The first wave includes:

  • AJ Styles
  • John Cena
  • Andre the Giant

These are highly detailed figurine bobbleheads with a great knack for capturing the likenesses of the superstars of both yesterday and today. There’s a lot of great detail on them as well, making them a great display piece in a collection, on a shelf or even on your work desk!

The Packaging

The packaging on the bobbleheads looks very similar to the current Mattel packaging, which is most likely due to WWE helping brand all their products together. Unfortunately there’s no window on the boxes to show the bobbleheads but rest assured they are highly protected in very thick pieces of styrofoam as well as plastic baggies to separate the multiple pieces.

The outside of the box has a large image of the bobblehead inside as well as a normal, large image of the wrestler on the back. Be patient removing these from their boxes though as the styrofoam is so tight it makes it a bit challenging to remove at first. It’s better it’s tight anyway as these are fragile so you don’t want them clanking around anyway. Each bobblehead has a foam piece around their neck, it looks a lot like a neck brace, and it protects their heads from rattling in transit as well.

AJ Styles:

AJ looks great. He comes in his entrance pose with his arms out as well as him holding a non-logo WWE microphone. FOCO really captured his likeness very well as it looks just like him, too. Sometimes bobbleheads can be a bit off but these, for all three characters, really did a great job.

AJ has a screw and nut on his foot, allowing you to safely secure him to the stand. There’s a groove for his foot to rest in to help guide you as well. The stand is a mini almost WCW-like stage with images and logos representing AJ all around. There’s even a mini modern WWE logo, entrance stage lights and a cool ramp with his name on it. As mentioned the detail is really nice.

The only downside to AJ as well as John Cena as you’ll see is that they are missing some logos on their attire. AJ doesn’t have his marking on his gloves for example as well as other areas while Cena doesn’t have some logos on some of his wristbands, but regardless they still have a lot of detail for a bobblehead and you can easily overlook those.

John Cena

Cena, too, comes in his entrance pose with his entrance shirt and hat on. He looks great sporting his green attire as it really catches your attention. His head sculpt looks a lot like him, too. He has his logos on his left wristbands, his hat and shirt. I’m not sure why he is missing the ones on his right wrist bands, but it’s a very small detail that you may not notice unless you’re looking for it. He may not have even had logos on that attire but I’m not sure as I don’t follow him very closely although his figures I believe have it on both wrists. Regardless, it’s not a huge dealbreaker. He’s also sporting his white gym shoes, which also have a screw and bolt at the bottom to secure him to his stand.

His display stand is very detailed as well with a similar design to AJ’s. However, Cena’s is decked out with Cena logos, such as a big “You Can’t See Me” logo on the back side of it.

Andre the Giant

Lastly, we have my favorite of the three, Andre the Giant! I’m a sucker for WWE legends memorabilia and this one is awesome. Of course it’s a lot more simple than the others, but those were the times.

They captured Andre’s likeness pretty well I think. He has his arms crossed like the menacing giant he was, standing tall in all his glory. He comes with a similar display stand to the others, just with Andre the Giant type logos on the front and back. There’s even a small Andre signature on the front. The fine print/logos on the base say “The Eighth Wonder of the World, Andre the Giant” in case you can’t make out what it says. He, too, has the screw and bolt in his foot to help you secure him to the base as well.


These are some of the best WWE bobbleheads in years. I wasn’t much of a bobblehead collector growing up, but these are very nicely done honestly for a bobblehead. As said earlier you sometimes see bobbleheads that look nothing like the person they represent but these do a phenomenal job. If you’re a diehard collector like myself and love memorabilia, especially figurines, these are a great display piece. They have a higher price point, but you have to also consider the amount of detail really put into these as they’re not your average bobblehead. Unfortunately you can’t display them mint with a window-type box but at least they’re still pictured on the outside if you prefer to keep them mint.

You can currently purchase this set on the FOCO website as well as (SAVE 10% with discount code MBG) if you’re doing some figure shopping. The second wave was recently revealed and those are currently only for pre-order on the FOCO website. That set includes: The Rock, Ronda Rousey and Ric Flair.

Be sure to follow Forever Collectibles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the latest news and reveals in their WWE line. For more wrestling figure news and coverage be sure to follow Wrestling Figure News Source on Twitter! Thanks and I’ll see you next week!