Bayley On The Value Of Having Established Women’s Tag Teams (Video), Seth Rollins Looks At His Evolution In ‘WWE Then And Now’


Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images

Bayley On The Value Of Established Women’s Tag Teams

Bayley recently spoke with about the value of introducing established women’s tag teams. Bayley noted how she’s been through a lot with Sasha Banks and now they get to be an official team, showing how far they’ve come with each other.

“We’re so, so, so excited to have these in the division just to have something different for the women to work for. Something different to be motivated by and inspired by because sometimes we’re not always in that [singles] title picture with Ronda Rousey, or whoever is the women’s champion. It’s another goal for us to go for.”

Bayley also said she’s excited to compete for—and win—the titles with her best friend and make the women’s tag division as important as they can and give the fans something to believe in.

Seth Rollins ‘Then And Now’

The following video is the latest edition of a feature called ‘WWE Then & Now’, with Seth Rollins looking back at his evolution from a FCW upstart to becoming ‘The Kingslayer.’

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