WWE NXT Results (2/6/19)

Jaxson Ryker w/The Forgotten Sons vs Mansoor

Ryker clotheslines Mansoor. Ryker knees Mansoor in the face over and over again. Ryker puts Mansoor on the top rope. Ryker puts Mansoor in the tree of woe and rains down clubbing blows to Mansoor’s chest. Mansoor tries to leap off the top rope but Mansoor dives right into a spear by Ryker. Ryker choke bombs Mansoor for the win.

Winner- Jaxson Ryker

After the match, Ryker drags Mansoor back in the ring and choke bombs him again.

Backstage, Adam Cole says Ricochet is a one trick pony. Ricochet walks up and reminds Cole that he beat him for the title. Ricochet challenges Cole to a match next week. Cole accepts. Ricochet says it doesn’t matter who he has to go through. The first chance Ricochet gets he is coming for his North American Championship.

Drew Gulak vs Eric Bugenhagen 

Bugenhagen dances all around the ring. Bugenhagen takes Gulak down. Bugenhagen plays air guitar and hits a high note. Gulak dropkicks Bugenhagen. Gulak slams Bugenhagen knees first into the bottom rope. Snap suplex with a float over for a near fall by Gulak. Gulak tries to lock in an abdominal stretch. Bugenhagen reverses it into an abdominal stretch of his own. Bugenhagen plays Gulak’s ribs like a guitar. Gulak suplexes Bugenhagen. Gulak locks in the GuLock for the submission victory.

Winner- Drew Gulak

After the match, Gulak complains about the competition in NXT. Gulak demands better competition. Matt Riddle bops out on the ramp. Riddle says everyone in NXT sets the bar. Riddle tells Gulak to get out of the ring and get out of NXT before Riddle comes to the ring and taps Gulak out of it. Gulak tells Riddle to take his little flip-flops off and make his day. Riddle tells Gulak he has chosen wisely. Riddle kicks off his flip-flops and bops down to the ring.

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