Gallows & Anderson Introduce The ‘Town Maker 2000’, Zelina Vega Military Press (Video)

Gallows & Anderson Introduce The ‘Town Maker 2000’

WWE documented the heavy snowfall that took place in the state of Washington yesterday while the SmackDown roster was traveling from Yakima to Everett, and The Good Brothers that they are, Gallows & Anderson decided to keep their car choice modest despite the treacherous terrain. Modest only in model however as the Chevy Cruze powered through the elements to get the boys to where they needed and both Brothers couldn’t be prouder of their little engine that could.

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Zelina Vega Military Press (Video)

Zelina Vega may be smaller in stature, but that doesn’t mean the manager of Andrade doesn’t pack some power. Sheamus posted a clip of her on Celtic Warrior Workouts doing some military presses to the max: