Mattel WWE Battle Packs 58 Review (Photos)

The latest series of WWE 2-packs from Mattel, WWE Battle Packs 58, has arrived via (SAVE 10% with code MBG at checkout) and we can provide you with a closer look!

WWE Battle Packs 58:

This series focuses on tag teams rather than feuds this time around. It consists of:

  • D-Generation X: Triple H and Shawn Michaels
  • Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn
  • Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable

D-Generation X:

My guess is this will be the most sought after set as it’s a bit nostalgic. It’s not quite their latest DX run with a bald HBK and Triple H but it’s still pretty cool for fans, like myself, whom grew up watching them as DX.

Shawn has a lot of detail on him surprisingly for a Basic. His head scan has a nice five o’clock shadow, making this one of his better scans as of late, most likely due to their new True FX technology that prints details much better. I wouldn’t be surprised if people end up buying this set for some head swaps! His attire is quite detailed as you can see the DX logos on his wristbands and all the DX/HBK logos on his pants. You can even see the strings molded on his pants to give it that extra realistic look/feel. He also features typical Basic articulation and swivel ankle joints as Basics as of late unfortunately no longer have ankle articulation. If you have trouble standing him up for some reason be sure to adjust his knees a bit to help balance him.

Triple H has what I believe is a repaint of an older scan. I’m not thrilled about how his beard is painted as to me it looks a like he ate a chocolate cake and forgot to wipe his mouth. It’s definitely not my favorite Triple H scan. Besides that, he has DX logos on his elbow pads, which is a nice touch, even though they restrict his elbow movement a bit as well as DX/Triple H logos on his trunks. He also features his iconic hand tape. He, too, does not have ankle joints but his boots at least feature some logos as well. This figure is okay, but not my favorite DX Triple H we’ve seen in the line.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn:

This set is nice for those who are fans of this team even though they’ve been off TV lately. Hopefully they will still be “friends” when they return!

Sami features a painted on shirt, which many collectors aren’t a true fan of, but it is a popular trend in the Mattel line as of late. Probably because it’s an easy way to rerelease guys with a new “look” if that makes sense. Sami features a serious scan, different than his Elite 63 scan, and this one is a bit better looking. I still feel something is off with this one but it’s better than his last one. The painted on shirt isn’t awful although where the sleeves meet his arms is a little odd. Regardless, it says “Yep! Yep! Yep!” on it. His tights however are very detailed and really make this Basic figure pop in that regard. It is nice to see so much detail on him, even down to the white designs on his boots.

Kevin is the same as a lot of his other figures and granted his outfits are always very similar looking to one another. The scan looks decent. His shirt has the red KO on it as do his shorts. He has most of his tattoos as well but he is missing the ones on his fingers as seen on his Elite 66 figures. This comes as no surprise as Basic figures usually lack many details due to budget restrictions compared to the Elite figures. It’s not the most exciting Kevin figure but it gets the job done. If you don’t have Basics of either of them this is a decent set as at least you can have Sami in street clothes and have a way to represent their fun tag team as well.

Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable:

This is probably my favorite 2-pack in the set honestly. The detail on both of them is fantastic and even though they’re no longer a team they’re still great figures of both of them. Sure it being outdated may bother some but it’s very challenging for Mattel to keep up with what’s currently going on on TV as it takes a good year or so for new figures to be made. Regardless, these two figures look awesome.

Shelton features his all-black attire with the gold and silver designs on it. I think this look for his figure is really nice and cool looking. It’s just really sharp and makes the figure pop design wise in my opinion. He features the same head scan as his recent Elite 63 figure, too. From the designs on his shorts all the way down to his kick pads/boots this figure is very nice for a Basic. He also features his tattoo on his left shoulder as well as white wrist bands on his arms. My only complaint is that his kneepads restrict some of his knee movement but that happens with Elites as well as those taller kneepads are more of a thick rubber/plastic, making it harder to pose. Regardless, he’s easily my favorite figure in this set honestly.

Chad Gable also features a ton of detail. Of course he no longer wears a singlet like this since partnering with Bobby Roode but it’s still a nice figure of him. His head scan features great detail down to his hair in his beard. The True FX technology really brings out the amazing details for their scans! Looking at his singlet you can see all the awesome designs throughout. His kneepads are nicely detailed as are his short boots. I really like the gold laces on his boots as it makes them really catch your eye.


It’s not my favorite Battle Pack series lineup but some of the figures in this set are pretty nice looking for WWE Basic figures. The HBK and Shelton Benjamin I like the most, followed by Gable and the others probably. You can currently get them on if you want to grab them!

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