Hurricane Helms Details How He Got Into Ring of Honor

hurricane helms

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Hurricane Helms is a true superhero of professional wrestling. Recently, the man underneath the mask has been rumored to have a potential backstage role in WWE. However, his most recent role as a competitor was with Ring of Honor fighting The Villain Marty Scurll.

In an interview with Fightful, Helms discusses how this opportunity came about:

“That too, was me being funny on social media. I saw Marty Scurll, the Villain character, good presence, good look, he gets it. I’d never met him and had no idea who he was at a person. I was tweeting anyone I saw wearing that villain shirt, just being funny. I think he said ‘thank you,’ and I’d suggested something to Christopher Daniels and I think he spread the word. I wanted to do something hero vs. villain. That was me just lobbing that out there. I could have just ran in and he shut me down, and I’d be happy. I thought I could go in, hero vs. villain, shine him up, and that’s it. I wasn’t trying to be Ring of Honor World Champion. ROH ended up reaching out to me and asked how I’d feel about working a couple of dates. That led to the feud with Marty. What started with one match, led to two, led to three, led to four, and we had this really cool feud.”

To hear the full interview and read more excerpts, click HERE.

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