Baron Corbin On Super Bowl 53: “I Hope Both Teams Lose And Tom Brady Quits”

Baron Corbin

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Baron Corbin may still be just a little upset about his Kansas City Chiefs losing to the Super Bowl bound Brady & the Patriots a week and a half ago. In an interview with Sky Sports Corbin was asked about his Super Bowl predictions and the former constable had this to say:

“Both teams lose, the stadium catches on fire, nobody’s hurt but both teams lose and Brady quits footballs forever.”

Corbin continues:

“I hate both teams with a passion. I think they’re both cheaters and Brady is friends with all the referees. All the referees that missed the calls in the Rams game all live in St. Louis. One of them used to play for the Rams. It’s a big conspiracy theory my Chiefs are the best in the world.”

You can watch the entire clip by going here.

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