Figure Friday: WWE Elite 65 (Photos)

On this week’s Figure Friday we in-depth review the full set of WWE Elite 65! This set is currently available at where you can SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout! That being said, let’s take a look at this beast of a set up close!

WWE Elite 65

The set is pretty stacked and includes the following figures:

  • Ronda Rousey
  • Rusev
  • Eric Young
  • Aiden English (with chase variant)
  • Nia Jax
  • Roman Reigns

Ronda Rousey

Ronda is probably one of the most sought after in this set as it’s her very first Elite figure. It’s based off her contract signing where she slammed Triple H through the table. She’s wearing her jacket, pants and t-shirt and is unfortunately not in wrestling attire; however, her first wrestling attire figure will be part of the Ultimate line.

The detail on her is pretty nice as is her head scan. Her scan looks just like her compared to her Basic 90 figure. Even down to the mole on her face below her left eye, which is great detail! Her sleeves are new molds with the designs on the elbows as well as the zippers. Not to mention the designs on the rest of her jacket as well.

Overall it’s still a nice figure, just not the ideal attire everyone wants her in.


Rusev’s latest Elite has his most recent look with his big beard and shorter haircut. His expression isn’t the best, which I think impacts his likeness a bit. He just looks miserable. The detail on his attire and even his chest hair is a nice touch though. His boots even say “Machka” on them, too. He comes with the City of Plovdiv key from that old WWE segment, which is a humorous accessory for him to come with. He also comes with a “Rusev Day” cloth t-shirt, which is a great bonus as well, it just stinks it’s not sleeveless like he wears it. He also comes with swappable open hands.

Overall, it’s one of his better figures as of late. The scan could be a little bit better but it’s definitely not awful.

Eric Young

This is Eric’s very first figure in the WWE toy line and is probably my favorite of the set. There’s a ton of detail on him. From his blue eyes to the patches on his vest to his multi-colored kneepads to his droopy boots and more. Mattel really put a ton of effort into him and it shows. He has so much detail on his attire, tattoos and even his head scan. They produced new boot molds for him with the tongues hanging over the laces, which is really cool. His knee pads have multiple logos and colors on the front and back, too.

His vest is a thicker rubber unfortunately, most likely due to all the detail in it, so you can’t pose the hood on it to not be over his head. But he does come with a removable bandana you can slide into his hood to put over his mouth. He also comes with new hand molds with his fingers spread apart, kind of like Macho Man “oooo yeah” hands would be the best way to describe it. He even has finger tape on several of his fingers. As mentioned Mattel really went all out on him.

Aiden English

Aiden has two versions in this set. His main release is the one in all black with a detailed scarf while his chase variant has designs down his right leg and comes with a solid black scarf. Personally I think his chase variant is the better of the two as it’s much more detailed and more interesting to look at. You can currently get the chase variant on Ringside Collectibles if you don’t want to risk hunting him down.

His scan is great as it looks just like him. Unfortunately it’s not current as he still has hair here but I’m sure we will get a bald one eventually. He comes with his cloth entrance robe that velcros in the front to hold it closed. He also comes with a 3-sided WWE microphone and sunglasses.

Nia Jax

Nia is probably one of the underrated figures in this set. Her figure is fantastic as she has an extreme amount of detail on her outfit. Not to mention she comes with three different heads you can swap, such as: curly hair, straight hair and braided hair. The heads are a bit tough to swap though so be very patient pulling off the head. They slide onto a small peg, but once they’re on they’re very secure, which is great. Her straight haired scan is lighter skinned than her others, which is a little odd, but perhaps she wore more makeup that day?

As mentioned her detail is amazing. They really put a lot of effort into her outfit. She can be posed easily as well since she has a new female body mold due to her physique. Her arms I think should be a little bit thicker but other than that there’s not much else I have an issue with. I just look forward to when we get swappable hands for the female figures.

Roman Reigns

Roman’s figure is nice. It’s very similar to his previous Elites. I really like the bearded look for him as it just looks cooler for some reason. He has some nice details on his vest minus some detail missing around the logo that collectors have pointed out, but the vest is removable on the back. It latches closed but may be a bit of a pain to stay latched sometimes. His tattoo work is amazing as there’s so much detail on his sleeve going from his right arm to part of his chest. The detail on his gauntlets are nice as well. He comes with swappable samoan “hang loose” type hands similar to the Elite 64 Samoa Joe. He also comes with the Intercontinental title belt, which is a great belt if you’ve never had one from previous figures.


The set is pretty nice. I think I like Elite 66 more personally but it’s still a nice set. As said earlier my favorite in the set is probably Eric Young, then Nia then either chase Aiden or Ronda Rousey. You can currently get them on Elite Sensational Sherri will be shipping with this set to Walmart stores eventually as well.

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