Reported Details On The AEW Ticket Announcement Party

All Elite Wrestling

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer is reporting the latest in his Observer Newsletter of some of the details regarding the AEW Ticket Announcement Party that will be going down at the MGM in Las Vegas on February 7th.

According to Meltzer, AEW brass is expecting to have a lot of talent present. The company want to have surprises and names that were not in attendance for Jacksonville. Two of the names expected to be present is CIMA who wrestles for OWE and Bea Priestley of STARDOM who as of yet isn’t currently signed. While Kenny Omega is also not signed yet considering his contract with New Japan expires at the end of this month, Meltzer feels there’s a good shot that Kenny will be there.

Meltzer is also reporting that AEW has an interest in building a women’s division and are heavily scouting Japan for talent.

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