Marty Jannetty Talks About Harley Race Attacking Fan That Called Wrestling Fake

WWE legend Marty Jannetty recently talked to The Hannibal TV about his long career. During the interview, the former tag team star talked about an infamous moment where Harley Race attacked a fan with a ketchup bottle.

“We were in a restaurant and somebody had recognized him,” said Jannetty. “They’re talking trash on him. Hollering, ‘Harley Race is that fake wrestler. That’s fake!’ I thought I was getting in trouble since if a table full [of angry people] jump on Harley then I’m [dragged into it]. This one guy in particular kept going on [about it being fake]. Harley wasn’t saying anything back, he was just eating his food.”

However things took a turn after the meal. “After we pay to leave, that guy comes up to us at the counter. He goes, ‘I knew you weren’t tough with all that fake wrestling. That blood is just ketchup anyways. You’re a phony.’ Harley just paid our bills as calm as can be. I knew something had to happen since he’s a legend and you protect the business. I can’t recall if he actually touched Harley, but Harley reached over and got a ketchup bottle and bam! He busted it over his head. Then he goes, ‘Now you’re a professional wrestler, daddy.'”

Check out the full clip below:

Transcription by Senior Editor Tyler Treese.

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