Nia Jax Opens Up On The Becky Lynch Punch Incident And Becoming A Positive Role Model

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Nia Jax turned heads becoming the 30th entrant of the Men’s Royal Rumble, the fourth woman to do so. Before the event, she spoke with Bleacher Report to discuss the career-turning moment for her – punching Becky Lynch – and how she used an unfortunate circumstance to her advantage. Jax revealed that the incident kept her shelled as she read the vitriol of responses from upset fans, but also had an epiphany:

“Everything’s an opportunity in our business, whether you think it is or not. When the incident with Becky happened, it probably was one of those moments that I really was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is a huge turning point in my career. This could go extremely horribly for me and might be the end of my career. Or we can turn this into something pretty cool for not just me, but for others that are involved.'”

Jax would incorporate elements from one of her favorite films, The Campaign, into her “Facebreaker” persona, which indirectly elevated both Women’s Divisions in the character development of both Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. “The Irresistible Force” would also revel in how working in WWE gave her a platform to encourage children to embrace themselves and their individual traits as part of the company’s Be A STAR campaign.

“I want the young fans that we have to be able to say: ‘Look at Nia Jax out there. She’s embracing her body. She’s embracing who she is, and she’s showing the whole world. ‘She’s walking down the runway in front of people.’ That’s very empowering for everybody, and that’s extremely important for me.”

The full interview can be read at this link, where Jax would reveal her discovery into professional wrestling and how she wanted to pursue basketball before becoming a model.

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