Seth Rollins Wins The 2019 Royal Rumble; Will Challenge For A World Title At WrestleMania 35

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Seth Rollins would prevail in the 2019 Men’s Royal Rumble Match, last eliminating Braun Strowman to earn a WWE Championship opportunity at WrestleMania 35. In an exciting Royal Rumble match that lasted around 57 minutes, Rollins would give Strowman a Curb Stomp on the apron to knock “The Monster Amongst Men” out of the ring and win the 30-man battle.

Some notes:

  • Two Hall of Famers made surprise appearances in the Rumble Match, Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett.
  • NXT Superstars Johnny Gargano, Pete Dunne, and Aleister Black made surprise entrants, having great showings in the Rumble.
  • Nia Jax attacked R-Truth as he made his entrance and took the #30 spot in the Rumble match. She becomes the fourth woman behind Chyna, Beth Phoenix, and Kharma to participate in the Men’s Rumble match.

Here’s the order of participants that entered the Rumble:

  1. Elias (eliminated by Seth Rollins)
  2. Jeff Jarrett (eliminated by Elias)
  3. Shinsuke Nakamura (eliminated by Mustafa Ali)
  4. Kurt Angle (eliminated by Shinsuke Nakamura)
  5. Big E (eliminated by Samoa Joe)
  6. Johnny Gargano (eliminated by Dean Ambrose)
  7. Jinder Mahal (eliminated by Johnny Gargano)
  8. Samoa Joe (eliminated by Mustafa Ali)
  9. Curt Hawkins (eliminated by Samoa Joe)
  10. Seth Rollins (Winner)
  11. Titus O’Neil (eliminated by Curt Hawkins)
  12. Kofi Kingston (eliminated by Drew McIntyre)
  13. Mustafa Ali (eliminated by Nia Jax)
  14. Dean Ambrose (eliminated by Aleister Black)
  15. No Way Jose (eliminated by Samoa Joe)
  16. Drew McIntyre (eliminated by Dolph Ziggler)
  17. Xavier Woods (eliminated by Drew McIntyre)
  18. Pete Dunne (eliminated by Drew McIntyre)
  19. Andrade (eliminated by Braun Strowman)
  20. Apollo Crews (eliminated by Baron Corbin)
  21. Aleister Black (eliminated by Baron Corbin)
  22. Shelton Benjamin (eliminated by Braun Strowman)
  23. Baron Corbin (eliminated by Braun Strowman)
  24. Jeff Hardy (eliminated by Braun Strowman)
  25. Rey Mysterio (eliminated by Randy Orton)
  26. Bobby Lashley (eliminated by Seth Rollins)
  27. Braun Strowman (eliminated by Seth Rollins)
  28. Dolph Ziggler (eliminated by Braun Strowman)
  29. Randy Orton (eliminated by Andrade)
  30. R-Truth Nia Jax (eliminated by Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton)

Order of Eliminations:

1. Jeff Jarrett

2. Kurt Angle

3. Jinder Mahal

4. Big E

5. Elias

6. Titus O’Neil

7. Curt Hawkins

8. Shinsuke Nakamura

9. Johnny Gargano

10. No Way Jose

11. Xavier Woods

12. Kofi Kingston

13. Dean Ambrose

14. Samoa Joe

15. Apollo Crews

16. Aleister Black

17. Pete Dunne

18. Bobby Lashley

19. Baron Corbin

20. Shelton Benjamin

21. Jeff Hardy

22. Drew McIntyre

23. Mustafa Ali

24. Nia Jax

25. Rey Mysterio

26. Randy Orton

27. Andrade

28. Dolph Ziggler

29. Braun Strowman

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