Matt Riddle Defeats Kassius Ohno At NXT TakeOver: Phoenix

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons / ZekeDane

Things started off well for Matt Riddle in his NXT TakeOver: Phoenix match against Kassius Ohno. Riddle caught Ohno off guard early on by hitting him with a flying elbow from the ring steps and then proceeded to dead lift Ohno in an impressive feat of strength.

The veteran Kassius Ohno; however, would eventually capture the momentum in the bout and when he did, he began taunting Riddle and proceeded to brutalize the former MMA star with a series of forearms and backfists before stomping on and biting Riddle’s toes (yes, he bit his toes). Ohno then proceeded to throw Riddle back first into the ring steps.

It wouldn’t be long; however, before a bloodied Matt Riddle would recapture the momentum hitting a suplex on Ohno.

After being hit with repeated MMA style elbows, Ohno would eventually submit and Riddle was declared the victor.

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