War Raiders Win NXT Tag Team Championships

Hanson and Rowe, better known as The War Raiders, are the new NXT Tag Team Champions after defeating The Undisputed Era at NXT TakeOver: Phoenix. In a stellar match that featured numerous high spots and hold your breath moments, War Machine were declared victorious after Rowe pinned Kyle O’Reilly. The match featured brutal knees to the face and four man brawls aplenty.

Hanson wrestled with both jaw dropping agility and power, as did his partner Rowe. The bout featured Hanson on the receiving end of an impressive top rope suplex by Roderick Strong.

Undisputed Era hit their High Low finisher; however, Hanson kicked out. The crowd was hot throughout the bout chanting, ‘This is awesome,’ and ‘Fight forever,’ but things intensified after this moment. After Rowe hit a powerslam/powerbomb combination on O’Reilly, Hanson hit him with a top rope splash for the victory ending Undisputed Era’s NXT Tag Team Championship reign at 219 days.

The match was ‘Match of the Year’ worthy; however, The War Raider’s entrance was worth the price of admission alone:

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