Figure Friday: WWE Elite Series 66 (Photos)

It’s Figure Friday and this week we are reviewing not one, not two, but a full set of WWE Elite action figures from WWE Elite Series 66! You can currently get them on and SAVE 10% with discount code MBG!

The Set

This set includes:

  • AJ Styles
  • Kurt Angle
  • Kevin Owens (with chase variant)
  • Nikki Cross
  • Harper
  • Rowan

This is arguably one of the best Elite sets in a long time as the figures are so detailed and come with so many accessories! Let’s take a look at them!

Kevin Owens

Kevin has two versions in this set. The mass release one is in his blue/white Fight Anyone attire. I prefer this one over the chase variant as the colors pop more. He features his tattoos on his fingers and shoulder and he is decently articulated considering he has a molded rubber shirt you can’t remove. They did include his belly he’s had until as of late, which is a nice attention to detail. The detail in his face scan is great as well with the new True FX printing technology as it actually looks a lot like him. He also has his swappable open hands that you can use to hold weapons, accessories, etc. as well as a cloth “Yep! Yep! Yep!” shirt.

The chase variant is the same figure but a different themed attire. This one is his KO Mania III shirt and shorts outfit he wore. There’s no exact breakdown on the rarity of these other than that Mattel randomly packs this version in cases of Elite 66. You can order him directly on and avoid having to hunt down this version.

Nikki Cross

This is Nikki’s very first figure in the Mattel WWE line. The detail on her is fantastic. The head scan is a little off though, which seems to be the main gripe with the figure. Other than that she’s fantastic. She doesn’t have swappable hands as the female figures will supposedly be getting those come 2020. Her accessories are great as she comes with a removable entrance jacket, bandana/head scarf and sunglasses. Hopefully her future figures will look more like her but for now it’s a great placeholder.

AJ Styles

This, in my opinion, is the best Elite AJ Styles to date. He features an all-new head scan that looks just like him. This one features his longer hairstyle, which is most current to how he is now. He finally comes with the WWE Championship as well as a rubber “The House That AJ Built” t-shirt. The shirt is the only downfall to this figure as nobody is really a fan of the rubber shirts, but you can see they put a ton of effort into the rest of the figure.

The detail on him is phenomenal, from the tattoos on his chest to the text on his gloves to his tights, boots and what have you. His swappable hands are new hand molds that allow you to kind of recreate his entrance taunt where he forms the P1 logo with his hands. It’s a really cool feature Mattel included, which was a major selling point for many. Unfortunately his hands can’t quite clasp together but it’s still a neat detail.

And if you want to give him a cloth version of his shirt as well as an entrance vest as seen in the gallery below you can get them made by Thread Head Custom Clothing.

The Bludgeon Brothers

These two figures are amazing. Mattel went all out on these two and are honestly two of the coolest wrestling action figures I’ve seen in years!


Rowan is really cool with all his entrance attire. He has his sleeveless robe that is very detailed and made of a thin rubber to help you remove it easily. The hood is removable as you can put his sheep mask into it to hold it in place during his entrance. You can display the hood with or without the sheep mask as seen in the packaging. Besides that awesome feature the detail on his attire is awesome. Everything is molded for the most part than just painted on, so Mattel put a lot of budget into them as they both required a lot of new molding.

The only issue I have with him as well as Harper is that their proportions are a little odd. Their arms seem a little scrawny and their chest is thick as well as their legs but their waist is kind of small, just making them look a little odd. You can hide it though via his removable weight-like belt, which is also very detailed. Other than that issue he’s a fantastic figure. He has swappable hands of course and you can’t forget about his mallet, which is also very detailed with the text inscriptions going down the handle.


Harper is another fantastically detailed figure. His entrance robe is very detailed and made of a thin rubber as well. His left sleeve is not poseable, making him stuck in a stiff pose, which is disappointing but expected with the rubber attires. His hood is also not removable but fits over his new head scan well. The only thing he’s missing is his entrance mask, which we may never get unless they were to rerelease him again in the future.

This new scan features an angry Harper with a little man-bun type hairdo. His outfit is also made of new molds with a ton of detail. His proportions are a little off as well, but it’s still a very nice figure. He, too, comes with his swappable hands as well as a mallet that rests in his hands easily.

Kurt Angle

Lastly we have Kurt Angle, another fantastically detailed figure in the set. This features his Survivor Series Captain America-like attire and it looks awesome. He comes with a rubber RAW t-shirt, which is disappointing, but you can also have a cloth one made from Thread Head Custom Clothing if you’d like as seen in the gallery below.

Kurt comes with some new hands as well that are pointing his index fingers, which you can use to recreate his entrance. He comes with swappable open hands that you can use to hold accessories, etc. if desired. The attire on him is really nice and super detailed with the stars and stripes. He has the Angle logo on his shorts and even has molded shoe laces on his shoes, which is really cool. His ankles don’t have a ton of movement but the articulation is there; however, I recommend you be patient posing him. Unfortunately he features a cheesy smiling scan but hopefully we will eventually get a serious scan for him soon.


As said earlier this series is fantastic. It’s super detailed and includes some of the best WWE action figures I’ve seen in a long time. Sure some have their flaws but compared to all the pros you can overlook those. I’m not sure if Mattel has more budget for them this year or what but they’ve been knocking them out of the park lately. Elite 65 is great, too, so keep an eye out for my review of them soon. I highly recommend you pick these up though, especially the Bludgeon Brothers, as they are some very impressive action figures. I can’t reiterate that enough. Get them on and SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout!

Thanks for tuning in this week and I’ll see you next week! For more wrestling figure news and toy coverage be sure to follow Wrestling Figure News on Twitter!