WWE RAW Results 1/21/19

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In Ring Segment: Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman
Heyman says last week Finn Bálor pinned John Cena. This was no fluke. Bálor stepped up and seized the moment. So much so the second greatest of all time (Cena) took the mic in his hands and said he believes in Bálor. Heyman says Cena should. The entire WWE Universe stepped up and said they believe in Bálor. Heyman says he believes in Bálor too! Lesnar has to face a guy who Lesnar as hot trained for and is totally different than Braun Strowman. If Bálor comes here and says he believe people should listen because Bálor’s is the voice that matters. Heyman’s voice is the one that martyrs. This Sunday, Bálor is going to be turned into a martyr. Bálor will be sacrificed for the sin of believing he could beat Lesnar. Heyman’s spoiler alert for everyone is that even miracles fear Lesnar. Sunday Lesnar will put to bed the notion that Bálor can win. Bálor will end up looking up at the lights saying to himself that he himself believes in Brock Lesnar. Mr. McMahon power walks to the ring. Mr. McMahon says Heyman is going a bit soft. For anyone to think that Bálor can compete with Lesnar is if they believe in the story of David and Goliath. Mr. McMahon tells the story since Heyman says he has never read the Bible.
Mr. McMahon says David went up against Goliath and got beat to holy hell, never to be seen again until he was reincarnated as Bálor. Braun Strowman’s music hits. Strowman gets in the ring. Mr. McMahon asks what the hell Strowman is doing here. Strowman says last week was the worst night of his life because of Baron Corbin. Last week was the luckiest night of Lesnar’s life as well. If Lesnar is still champion Storwman will be there waiting. Strowman is going to rip Lesnar apart like one of Mr. McMahon’s cars. Bálor walks out to an insane reaction. Bálor says this is the same old Monday Night Raw. Bálor says he earned his opportunity to face Lesnar. Bálor says he knows Mr. McMahon doesn’t believe. Bálor says at the Royal Rumble he is going to reclaim his Universal Championship. Strowman says he knows that he can beat Lesnar. Strowman doesn’t know if Bálor can. Strowman says Bálor better beat Lesnar. Lesnar and Heyman leave the ring. Bálor says Mr. McMahon told the story wrong. Bálor tells the real story. Goliath fell and no one was laughing then. Mr. McMahon books Strowman vs Bálor. Mr. McMahon tells Lesnar to have a seat at ringside.

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