Matt Hardy ‘Greenlit’ For Return, Not Retiring Anytime Soon

Ringside Collectibles unveiled a brand new Mattel Matt Hardy action figure. The BROKEN One took to Twitter to talk about his new figure & also revealed that he would be back in a WWE ring soon, “Thank you for continuing to make such DELIGHTFUL action figures for wrestling fans & my children to enjoy, Ringside Collectibles. The Latest Version of Matt Hardy will be back in action on WWE soon & I cannot wait to see you produce even newer figurines!”

When a fan responded to Hardy, asking him for retirement clarification and an update on his spinal health, Hardy responded, “No, I am not retired & not going to be retiring anytime soon. I’ve worked my ass off to rehabilitate & have physically been greenlit. My body is in the best shape it’s been in in years & I’m the lightest I’ve been in 20 years.”

Back in October, Matt Hardy was a guest on the Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia podcast, where he also shed some light on his ‘retirement,’ “People throw around the word retirement where typically, I guess, if someone teases that, it’s retirement, but retirement is not a word I ever said. I never said retirement. I said, ‘I need to go home,’ and I really did. After being there for a year and a half and I worked on a full time schedule the whole time I was there and obviously I’m not a spring chicken anymore, but doing this 26 years in October, so I needed to go home. I needed to address some issues I was having with my lower back and my hips. If I can bounce back from those issues and get back in the ring and be physical, that’s great and if I can’t, we’ll do whatever we need to do on-air to figure out something entertaining for Matt Hardy.”

It certainly appears as if Matt Hardy is bouncing back from his physical issues & will likely return to action, sooner rather than later.

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