Jordynne Grace On Her Best Matches Of 2018 & 2019 Expectations

Jordynne Grace Credit: TSN / Steve Argintaru via Powerslam Wrestling Network

Jordynne Grace is a standout in IMPACT Wrestling’s Knockouts Division. Recently, she spoke to Hairy Wrestling Fan about her 2018, her goals in IMPACT Wrestling, why she likes working in IMPACT Wrestling, and more. Below are some quotes:

Jordynne On Her Favorite Matches Of 2018:

Jon (Jonathan Gresham) had this amazing match against Pete Dunne and Trent Seven teaming with Chris Brookes for Beyond Wrestling. It was the match with them all kissing which you might have seen. That was so entertaining, and they actually said I could have been a part of it, they said I should have come out and been like, “What the hell?!” when I saw them all kissing.

My favorite matches of the year: I wrestled Viper in February, loved that match. I wrestled Tessa for Warrior Wrestling a few months ago, loved that match. The All In Battle Royal obviously, the best battle royal I’ve ever been in. That was just so well booked, Battle Royals are usually clusterfucks, but that match everyone was just on it, probably because it was All In.

Jordynne On Benefits Of Working For IMPACT:

I don’t really know how it came about. I don’t know who in the office liked my work, but I got contacted on Twitter actually, which is another reason I like to keep my DM’s open, and that’s where I was offered a contract, through a Twitter DM.

It’s been really fun so far, I like the locker room there, a lot of the people I already know so it’s really nice.

That’s pretty much the best thing about working for IMPACT: you get to work for almost anyone else besides WWE and ROH.

Jordynne On Who She’d Bring In Into IMPACT:

Before Tessa was signed, I used to tell people I think she’s really the best women’s wrestler in the world, but now she’s already here, I think my ex-tag team partner Lu Fisto would be incredible to bring in.

 Jordynne On Her 2019 Goals:

I have no idea what to expect. I think 2018 was the craziest year for me in wrestling, and the craziest year for wrestling in general. Who would have ever thought that All In would draw over 10,000 people, the UK indie scene would explode the way that it has, the women’s evolution is crazy. I can only imagine things will be more insane [in 2019] because there are so many opportunities for so many different people.

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