Booker T: ‘The Wrestling Business Is The Hottest It’s Ever Been’

WWE legend Booker T was a star during the time period that many consider the best in wrestling’s history, but he made quite the case for why right now is even better for wrestlers on Sirius XM’s Busted Open Radio. While some metrics, such as television ratings, are down, there’s no denying the money in the business right now and how wrestlers have more opportunity than ever before to make a living.

“It’s rich right now,” said the Reality of Wrestling owner. “The independent world is rich. The money overseas is good. Small businesses like myself, we’ve got social media and we can stream our stuff online without being with a big network. The wrestling business is at the hottest it perhaps ever been. Even in the WWE/WCW wars. Literally from the independent scene up, it might be the hottest it ever has been. You’ve got wrestling conventions going on. It’s huge. Guys don’t need to be in WWE to make a living these days and that’s saying something.”

Check out the full clip below:

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