WWE RAW Results  (1/14)

After the break, Strowman tries to put the door back on the limo as Mr. McMahon looks on. Mr. McMahon refers to Strowman as a “danger zone”. Mr. McMahon fines Strowman 100K. Strowman says the car isn’t worth 100k. Mr. McMahon tells Strowman that because he raised his voice his title shot at the Royal Rumble is off! Mr. McMahon storms off. Strowman flips the limo over.

Strowman is lead out of the building by security as Corbin watches and laughs.

Ronda Rousey and Sasha Banks vs Tamina and Nia Jax

Banks and Jax start the match. Jax says she wants Rousey. Banks refuses to tag and takes Jax over with ranna. Banks tries a rope walk arm drag but Jax puts on the breaks. Banks manages to put Jax in a sleeper. Jax tosses Banks to the mat. Banks lands a bulldog off the second rope. Rousey tags in and Jax sends Rousey into the corner. Tamina floors Rousey with a headbutt. Tamina tries to pick Rousey up but Rousey walks up Tamina and rolls her into the armbar. Jax pulls Tamina to the ropes to break the hold. After the break, Jax has Banks in a bearhug. Banks escapes and tries another ranna. Jax turns it into a powerbomb. Jax lands a rolling senton. Jax puts Banks in a hammerlock. Tamina tags in and continues the assault. Tamina knocks Rousey off the apron. Banks jumps over Tamina which causes Tamina to spear Jax off the apron. Banks hits a side Russian leg sweep, then rolls Tamina into the Banks Statement. Tamina taps out.

Winners- Ronda Rousey and Sasha Banks

After the match, Rousey says she is honored to face Banks at the Royal Rumble. Rousey says beating Banks would be an accomplishment. Banks gets upset and says Rousey has another thing coming. It’s going to be Banks pleasure to teach Rousey how to lose with grace. Rousey and Banks argue up the ramp.

Backstage, there is a line outside Mr. McMahon’s office. Jerry “The King” Lawler walks out.

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