Chris Jericho’s Graphic Designer Updates Countdown Clock: ‘They’re Here’

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Abdul Malik, Chris Jericho‘s graphic designer, has been busy posting mysterious countdown videos to his social media accounts. This began January 1st, well before Chris Jericho was officially announced as part of All Elite Wrestling. Each video features a countdown clock that is set to expire on February 1st. The footage has led to a wild array of speculation and Malik has been vague in describing them, using singular words like “power” and simple phrases such as, “they’re coming.” The videos have also flashed words like “justice,” and “empowerment.”

A new video surfaced today and this time features audible words, along with a countdown (still expiring February 1st), and the ticking sound of a clock. The audio says simply, “They’re here.”

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They’re here.

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Many believed the videos might point to Chris Jericho making his relationship with All Elite Wrestling official, but Jericho made that announcement official on January 8th at the All Elite Wrestling rally in Jacksonville, Florida. It was at that rally where Jericho announced, “I am Chris Jericho and I am all in with All Elite Wrestling.” Jericho also revealed that he would be at the May 25th AEW Double or Nothing show. He further promised that he and AEW would “change the whole universe.”

Could Jericho’s promise to “change the whole universe” have anything to do with the February 1st countdown clock? Who’s coming? Whose empowerment? Who is already here? Could the countdown have anything to do with Kenny Omega‘s anticipated AEW arrival? When does Bray Wyatt‘s WWE deal expire? We’ll leave the speculation up to our readers, so feel free to sound off in the comments section below.

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