Tino Sabbatelli And Jason Jordan Injury Updates

Tino Sabbatelli And Jason Jordan Injury Updates

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required) provided two injury updates on WWE stars that have been out of action. Sadly, it’s not particularly good news for either Tino Sabbatelli or Jason Jordan as neither are returning to the ring immediately.

As far as Sabbatelli goes, WWE is looking to try out the NXT star as a commentator. He’s been having issues since having pectoral muscle surgery and isn’t expected to be cleared anytime soon. It’s similar to Jason Jordan’s situation, who is still not yet cleared. Keeping Jordan from action is that he’s having an issue with one of his hands after neck surgery. He’s unable to fully control it and form a fist. This lack of grip strength is clearly an issue, and it’s why he’s been doing work as a backstage producer.

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