Amber O’Neal On WOW, Her Wrestling Inspiration & More

Amber O’Neal was a recent guest on the Chair Shot to the Cranium podcast.

The ring veteran discusses the new WOW promotion which will be debuting on AXS TV on January 18th. You can see the full video embedded above, below are some quotes sent to us by the team:

Amber O’Neal On The Creation Of WOW:

“WOW is a company that was created by the same guy, the same mastermind, the same genius, David McLane, that created GLOW. He knew what his vision was and he always stuck to it.”

“WOW is a women’s wrestling television show, showcasing female athletes, pro wrestlers, in a very character driven show.”

“Thanks to Jeanie Buss, she wanted to support women and female athletes, so she decided to get involved. So David McLane partnered up with Jeanie, who is the owner of the Lakers. Hello, a female powerhouse leading the way! I could not be more proud to be part of something led by such power people. She got on board and that was just amazing in itself, and then here comes Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and the owner of AXS TV.”

“It was a vision, and then it was a woman who is all about women’s empowerment and she wanted to showcase female athletes.”

“We have a recipe for success and we are about to change the face of women’s wrestling.”

“A lot of women’s dreams are about to come true.”

Amber O’Neal On The Roster:

“The cast is straight FIRE! Tessa Blanchard just signed.”

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Amber O’Neal On Her Wrestling Inspiration:

“All I knew was that Sable was everything I’d ever wanted to be in my entire life. Two weeks later I was in a wrestling school in Charlotte, NC”

Amber O’Neal On The Perception Of WOW:

“People are starting to see that this is a company to not be taken lightly. This show has star power. This is the most talented and most beautiful group of diverse female athletes I’ve ever seen in one company in my entire life.”

“WOW Superheroes is a women’s empowerment platform. There are women of all backgrounds, of all races, and all age groups. We are portraying not just superheroes in the ring, but we are all real-life superheroes and that’s how we got our job on that show. We had to have a backstory. We had to become these very strong women based upon our life experiences, no matter what it may be. Every one of us was handpicked because we went through something that company found very inspirational and they are giving us a platform to tell our story.”

“Our goal is to empower and inspire women of all ages and all backgrounds from 12-70. We don’t care how old you. We don’t care where you came from. We don’t care who you are. We are here to inspire you. We are here to let you know you can do whatever you want to do. We are not standing in this ring wrestling for you on television just for us. We’re here to show you that you can do whatever you want, anytime you want. All you have to do is decide you want to do it.”

You can check out Chair Shot to the Cranium HERE