Chris Jericho Trolls The ‘Puberty Challenge,’ Jerry Lawler Honors ‘Mean’ Gene (Video)

Chris Jericho

Photo Credit: AXS TV

Chris Jericho Trolls The ‘Puberty Challenge’

The hot craze on social media these past few days has been “The Puberty Challenge” and much of the wrestling world has partaken in the fad. Chris Jericho is included in that group, but with his own Jeri-Troll spin to the deal:

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Jerry Lawler Honors ‘Mean Gene’ (Video)

Jerry Lawler’s “Dinner With The Ring Podcast” posted the following on their YouTube channel:

EPISODE 80 – DINNER WITH THE KING – Jerry Lawler and Glenn Moore


Jerry remembers Mean Gene, and some of times to two spent together over their respective careers.