WWE SmackDown Live Results 1/8/19

WWE SmackDown Live ResultsWWE SmackDown Live Results

January 8th, 2019

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Backstage, Daniel Bryan is berating the fans and AJ Styles for using the arena’s concession stand. Bryan wants to know why people eat this crap. Everyone is just trying to fill a void and that’s why the WWE Universe cheers Styles. Bryan rips a hot dog out of a very confused fan’s hand. Bryan continues his rant and hits the guy in the face with the hotdog. Bryan pours a soda on another guy and calls the fan fickle. Bryan makes his way into the arena. and berates the fans on his way to the ring. Before Byan can get to the ring, R-Truth attacks him. Truth sends Bryan into the ring steps.

Daniel Bryan vs R-Truth

The match officially started during the break. Bryan backflips off the top rope but runs right into a dropkick by Truth. Bryan kicks out. Bryan forces Truth into the corner. Bryan lays in multiple running dropkicks. Bryan charges in for one more dropkick but Truth obliterates Bryan with the Lie Detector. Truth misses a splash in the corner. Bryan hits the Busaiku Knee for the win!

Winner- Daniel Bryan

After the match, Styles attacks Bryan on the stage. Bryan runs away after referees pull Styles off of him.

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