Ethan Page Says He Wants To Be A Face Of IMPACT In 2019, Talks VOD Services’ Positive Change On Wrestling (Exclusive)

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

IMPACT Wrestling star Ethan Page recently spoke with Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam ahead of this Sunday’s Homecoming pay-per-view.

“All Ego” shares his thoughts about his position in the company and where he hopes to be in 2019, and more. Check out a few highlights, and the full audio interview below:

Ethan Page on video on demand services changing wrestling:

I think I can credit all of my success to that. I think part of it is word of mouth and guys spreading word of guy’s talents to promoters, but the biggest thing is social media and the easily accessible footage of all the shows I’m doing on the independents. That was how I’ve been able to build my brand and show what I can do in between the ropes and on the microphone.

Working with Matt Sydal:

It’s been pretty good, eye-opening (pun intended), and a good experience to brush shoulders with someone that has done a lot in wrestling and has a lot of experience. He’s definitely not shy in giving that knowledge out, which is good.

His goals for 2019:

For pro wrestling, I want to do more global shows and events. For IMPACT Wrestling, it honestly bothered me that when they posted the change to Pursuit there was a graphic with the entire roster on it, and I was excluded. Stuff like that gets to me. I feel like I’m a top level talent with all the skills to be a flag waver and put a company on my back. That’s my goal. To be one of the faces of IMPACT Wrestling by the end of 2019.

His thoughts on there being more to wrestling than just WWE:

I love it. I think options is the best, I think competition is the best. Independent wrestling is basically leaving nobody, and it’s putting a lot of money on the table for guys to earn or grab. You’re gonna see a lot of guys that were on the cusp of breaking out, actually break out because there is gonna be a void and guys are gonna need to fill it or be replaced.

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