Impact Wrestling Results 1/3/19

Impact Wrestling ResultsImpact Wrestling Results

January 3rd, 2018

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Willie Mac, Rich Swann, and The Rascalz vs Matt Sydal, Ethan Page, and oVe

Jake takes Trey down with a shoulder block. Trey responds with a ranna. Xavier and Trey double team Jake. Jake tags in Callihan. MAc tags in and hits a spinning body slam on Callihan. A Standoff between everyone happens in the middle of the ring. A huge brawl ensues. Sydal turns a ranna attempt by one of the Rascalz into a powerbomb. Callian floors Tray after a triangle clothesline. An everyone dives on everyone spot ends with Mac taking everyone out with a rolling senton. Jake does a top rope cutter out to the floor on Trey.

Jake and Trey land on everyone that still happened to be out on the floor after the last series of dives. After the break, the heels are taking turns working over Trey. Swan gets the hot tag and clears the ring. Swann almost gets the win after a second rope 450 splash, but Sydal breaks up the pin. After a sequence of everyone hitting their finishers, Mac kicks out of Page’s Snow Plow. Swann and PAge fight on the top rope. Page dumps Swann to the outside. Dace tags himself in and sets Mac on the top rope. Mac ends up hitting a top rope Mac Stunner for the win.

Winners- Willie Mac, Rich Swann, and The Rascalz

After the match, oVe put Mac through a table.

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