Goldberg Following AEW Accounts On Twitter, Brian Cage Asks WCW/nWo Revenge Question

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Goldberg Following AEW Accounts On Twitter

Goldberg is all about physical activity and being productive that doesn’t involve  staring at a screen all day (see his #100100100Challenge) and his Twitter account reflects that. With only following 385 Twitter handles, “Da Man” as Bobby Heenan called him is pretty selective, so it raises some eyebrows to see that AEW and All In accounts were two of the most recent ones to be hoisted up for a jackhammer.

As earlier reported by, Goldberg was one of the names on the list for legendary talent that the new promotion may be interested in. Goldberg also follows WWE on Twitter so take it for what you will.

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Brian Cage Asks WCW/nWo Revenge Question

Like many of us thirty-somethings, “The Machine” Brian Cage grew up firing up a Nintendo 64 and playing the wrestling classic that is WCW/NWO Revenge which at this juncture is over 20 years old. One question that doesn’t get old is the one Cage proposed to his followers: