Reported Details On AEW’s Future Talent Involvement & TV Deal Negotiations is reporting that they have exclusive details regarding who is in discussion with the company and what television offers may be on the table. It’s important to state that nothing is confirmed by any sort of the imagination, but the names Rajah includes are more than familiar to mainstream fans.

According to the report, Tony Khan, the President of AEW, is fronting $100 million for the launch of the company. In addition to that, one of the parties that the Khan is helping to facilitate a television deal with is Timer Warner who if AEW and Khan did break a deal with, would have AEW on TBS and/or TNT.

Also according to Rajah’s report, legendary commentator Jim Ross will be heavily involved with the company in both a commentary position and a backstage role. Ross has denied these reports previously, but his deal with WWE is also set to run out in the first quarter of 2019.

Wrestling super agent Barry Bloom’s name is also in the mix from a recruitment role as he represents a great deal of notable talent in the business. A name that has been brought up is Goldberg and it is reported that AEW will “go hard” for talent that includes wrestling legends and the current crop of top name performers.

Chris Jericho is also reported to have an “in-depth” role and once the company’s legally able to, they’ll make a run at WWE employees who are not necessarily wrestling talent, but ones in roles to help with the inner-workings of the promotion.

Rajah finally states that while Cody & The Bucks are indeed Executive Vice Presidents, the trio’s primary focus will be as in-ring talent.

You can read the original report by going here.

Author’s Note: Who knows what’s real and what isn’t, but if any of this report holds true, business sure is about to pick up. TNT, Goldberg, Barry Bloom? I’m all for getting the “Mean” Gene hotline back up and rolling! (UPDATE: I just heard of Okerlund’s passing an hour after I wrote this note. I’m leaving it up as a little tribute to the best interviewer in the business. RIP “Mean” Gene.)

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