Diamond Dallas Page On How Eddie Guerrero Helped Him Get Over: “He Made Me In So Many Ways”

Chris Jericho, Konnan, DDP, and Rey Mysterio hosted a forum on The Jericho Cruise where they honored Eddie Guerrero by reminiscing and sharing stories about the late WWE Hall of Famer. The following is excerpted from the Talk Is Jericho podcast; highlights appear below:

(Transcription Credit: Michael McClead, WrestleZone) 

DDP On How Eddie Guerrero Helped Get Him Over:

He got me to [Randy] Savage. He got me over in a spot. If you look at the beginning of ‘96, you’re going, ‘There’s no way this guy is drawing money.’ Meaning me. When me and Eddie started to work together—which is toward the end of ‘96—if you couldn’t have a match with Eddie, then you couldn’t have a f*cking match, but I’m really gonna think that match out knowing all the sh*t he can do and the stuff he hasn’t done yet, I know what he can do. We went out there and night after night people started saying, ‘DDP is having a good match.’ With Eddie Guerrero. So, he just upped my grade….Eddie got me over in a way with, ‘I love what you think, but I really give a sh*t what they think in the back.’ I’m not talking about the office. I’m talking about these guys. I care about what the boys in the back think.

Eddie is supposed to go over, ‘96 Halloween Havoc….we get toward the finish and I go to do something to him and he goes, ‘Diamond Cutter.’ ‘No, Eddie you’re supposed to go over the top.’ He goes, ‘DIAMOND CUTTER! DIAMOND CUTTER!’ ‘OK.’ Watch that match. Boom. Pin him 1-2-3. He had torn the white cartilage, but he did it three minutes earlier and he kept going. He could have said, ‘Small package,’ but he didn’t. He called that finish, which was not the finish. Boom 1-2-3. That’s October 1996. My career completely explodes in ‘97. That was huge. I’ll never forget it….afterwards we were in the back and I pulled him aside. I said, ‘Dude, why didn’t you just small package me?’ And he looked at me and he said, ‘It’s your time bro.’

DDP On Wrestling Eddie Guerrero While Guerrero Was Intoxicated:

I didn’t know, but it was Eddie’s Birthday and we were in Tupelo. We’d been working awhile and at some point, I hit him with some bump and he pops to his knees and he goes, ‘COME ON!’ So, I boot him and he doesn’t sell anything, ‘COME ON!’ He starts getting up, so I hit him. He goes back to the ropes, ‘COME ON!’ I’m like, ‘Motherfu*ker,’ and I really go to hit him, but about here I go, ‘I can’t do that,’ so I loosen up my hand and my motion keeps going and when I hit him I snatch him. I shot him across the ring. He bounces off a turnbuckle, hits face first and I look at Charles Robinson and say, ‘Tell that motherf*cker, ‘We’re going home!’’ And he went down to tell him and he goes, ‘His ear is bleeding.’

I walked around did some sh*t. I went to pick him up he didn’t move. I went to pick him up; he didn’t move. I went to pick him up. Boom. Boom. Boom. We went home. He walked through that door and he goes, ‘What the f*ck?’ Now you’ve heard the rumors. I’ve filmed every match I’ve ever had. That’s true. I said, ‘Before you say another word, sit down with me and watch this,’ and when he got to one point he goes, ‘I’m so sorry.’ Now, I smelled him and I go, ‘Boy, you are f*cked up motherfu*ker.’ That night was his Birthday. I love Eddie. I love him. He made me in so many ways.

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