Becky Lynch Has A Message For 2018’s Other Great Female Wrestlers; JR Has A Social Media Related Question Regarding WWE’s Male Superstars

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Becky Lynch Has A Violent Message For 2018’s Other Great Female Wrestlers

WWE SmackDown Live Superstar Becky Lynch was named Justin Barrasso‘s top female wrestler of 2018. Barrasso’s 2018 top 10 list includes:

Becky Lynch took to Twitter in acknowledgement of her newest new accolade. She also had the following to say about #2-10 on the list, “Line up all the other dopes on this list, and I’ll slap the heads off them all.”

Justin Barrasso’s full article is available HERE.

Lynch’s meteoric rise to prominence in 2018 is due in large part to her in-ring talent, but also to the unique connection she shares with fans. Lynch, arguably wrestling’s most popular Superstar, took a moment to stop her vehicle and pose for pictures with fans while WWE toured in Baltimore:

Lynch is up for the 2018 WrestleZone Female Wrestler Of The Year Award. Readers may vote HERE.

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JR Has A Social Media Related Question Regarding WWE’s Male Talent

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross recently retweeted SmackDown Women’s Champion Asuka and wondered why WWE’s male Superstars don’t ‘promote as aggressively on social media as the women of WWE’:

When a fan pointed out the fact that RAW Superstar Finn Balor promotes via social media ‘all the time,’ Ross conceded the point, but is also apparently still searching for more examples: