Hornswoggle Set To Take On Scott Steiner At AIW WrestleMania Weekend Show

Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

AIW (Absolute Intense Wrestling) has announced a match of epic proportions. In a modern day version of David & Goliath, the 6’1 276 pound “Big Poppa Pump” will do battle with the 4’5″ 142 pound Hornswoggle. Although Swoggle is giving up nearly two feet in height and over 130 pounds to Scott Steiner, the two will still square off in an enormous WrestleMania weekend AIW Wrestling showdown.

Swoggle took to Twitter and questioned his own sanity in getting in the ring with Steiner:

Even WWE Superstar Xavier Woods chimed in with the ‘Just take my money’ GIF:

Hornswoggle vs Scott Steiner is all part of AIW’s WrestleMania weekend Slumber Party Massacre show. The extravaganza takes place in Jersey City, NJ on Thursday, April 4th, only 3 days before WrestleMania 35Shinjiro Otani VS. Eddie Kingston has also been added to the card.

The following is provided via AIW:

For the first time since 2007 Absolute Intense Wrestling returns to Wrestlemania weekend on Thursday night April 4th at 11:59PM as part of GCW’s “The Collective” which takes place at the White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, NJ just 30 minutes outside of Manhattan.

Already Announced

Shinjiro Otani VS. Eddie Kingston!

More details and talent announcements coming soon!

Readers interested in purchasing tickets for the event may do so HERE.

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