Nick Gage Discusses The David Arquette Match, Deathmatch Wrestling As An Art Form

Photo Credit: Game Changer Wrestling

Nick Gage is a modern-day Deathmatch Wrestling icon. As of late, he’s made headlines for the GCW promotion with his Deathmatch with David Arquette. Gage recently spoke to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated about the Arquette match, his time in prison,  Deathmatch wrestling as an art form, and more. Below are some quotes:

Gage on the David Arquette match:

“It did get people talking, and that led to more people watching the match, so it goes both ways,” said Gage. “But as a professional and a performer, I didn’t like the way the ending went down.”

Gage on GCW:

“Our company, GCW, blew up in the past year, and the love and support we got from the fans is unbelievable,” said Gage. “The support I get from the fans is overwhelming. I have a cult following called the MDK Gang, and the reason I started it was because of all the letters and support I received from fans when I was in prison. Those were the people telling me to keep my head up. When I got out, I wanted to let people know how much I appreciate them. They’re the ones who make me thrive.”

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Gage on Deathmatch Wrestling:

“Deep down, it’s an art form and a different style of wrestling,” said the 38-year-old Gage. “And it’s underground. There’s barely no rules. It’s just one man vs. another. Whoever wins, wins.”

“I consider myself a death match wrestler, it’s my job and my passion,” said Gage. “I take pride in being the top guy doing it in the U.S. I fell in love with it watching Cactus Jack and Terry Funk, I thought that was f——- badass.

“…I always wanted to do this. Me and my brother grew up wrestling. We did shows in the backyard when we were 13. We sold tapes when we were in high school. I can’t remember when I didn’t want to do this. I got in a wrestling ring on my 14th birthday, and I didn’t want to be anywhere else.”

Gage on Beyond Wrestling & New Year’s Eve match w/ Josh Briggs:

“There will definitely be blood,” said Gage. “And I’m going to drink it.

“Josh Briggs is close to 6’7” and close to 300 pounds, so that’s a challenge for me. That’s what fuels me. I look at Briggs, and he’s young, fast, and strong, so that’s a challenge for me to go out there and let everyone know that I can still beat f——- guys like that and tear sh– up.”

“Beyond is such a great company,” said Gage. “They’re blowing up, and they’re good people over there, so I’m planning on taking that place over. I’m going to make it my house. I’m taking on a guy in Briggs, who is on a winning streak, and I’m going to smack him around, hit him with weapons, and end that streak.”