Greatest WWE Returns Of 2018, Up Up Down Down Axe Toss Finals (Videos)

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Greatest WWE Returns Of 2018 (Video)

WWE uploaded a new Top 10 video as we inch closer to 2019. This time, WWE is highlighting the best superstar returns of the year. This year saw some great returns including Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan, and even the late return of Mr. McMahon. You can see the full video below:

Nothing brings the WWE Universe to its feet like the unexpected comeback of a Superstar. These are the 10 greatest Superstar returns to play out in 2018.

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Up Up Down Down Axe Toss Finals (Video)

Up Up Down Down uploaded the finals of their Axe Toss competition to YouTube:

In a rematch from Round 1, CESARO a.k.a. SWISS TONY and Austin Creed faceoff yet again! Can Austin avenge his opening round loss and bring home the W?