SoCal Val On Why It’s Counter Productive For WWE To Take Credit For The Women’s Evolution, The ‘Controlled Chaos’ And Success Of All In

so cal val

Photo credit: Terry Scott / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Former TNA star and current World of Sport commentator SoCal Val recently took part in an interview with Inside The Ropes, where she opened up about Dixie Carter, her future in the business, WWE’s Women’s Evolution and more.

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On All In:

“It was controlled chaos. It was really professionally run, and really polished – even with what we were doing on the production side of things, and how much work went into every single detail. We’re so proud of Cody and The Young Bucks, and I thought the show was damn near perfect.”

On Dixie Carter:

“So my mom came to a show once and she isn’t into wrestling at all. But she was trying to be supportive – and she saw Dixie backstage in like knee high boots, and she goes ‘she’s trying to look like the knockout girls, I think she wants to be on the show’. I’m always positive so I said no mom she’s all about empowering us, and then like the next day she had entrance music and I was like, oh man.”

On WWE’s Women’s Evolution:

“I’m not really offended by it – first of all, I’m not a female wrestler. But Gail [Kim] is a good friend of mine, and we talk about it a lot. It just infuriates me a little bit that they take credit where they shouldn’t in a way. Let’s just focus on the fact that women’s wrestling is evolving, and not try to be the version that ‘did it first’. That’s completely counter productive.”

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