RARE Andre The Giant Footage Unearthed (VIDEO)

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Renown promoter John Arezzi recently resurfaced after a long absence from the public eye. To the benefit of classic wrestling fans, Arezzi opened a Twitter account just last month has already amassed nearly 2,000 followers. Arezzi’s growing fan base is catching on to the fact that Arezzi unearths buried treasure. His followers are keenly aware of the exquisite wrestling photographs and footage he frequently shares. Arezzi’s personal Twitter page has quickly become an online museum of professional wrestling and a shining beacon for wrestling history buffs.

Arezzi recently took to Twitter to ask his growing list of followers whether they would like to see a rare Andre The Giant vs Professor Tanaka match or a Bruno Sammartino vs John Tolos match. Both matches took place in the early 70s and were personally filmed by Arezzi, who put up a poll to gauge his followers’ response. After all the votes were tallied, Andre vs Tanaka edged out Sammartino vs Tolos by a mere 3% and Arezzi, a man of his word, shared the following gem:

Arezzi also recently shared the following 8mm shots he took of Andre The Giant during his 1972 Madison Square Garden debut against Buddy Wolfe:

Although Arezzi’s Andre The Giant photography is astounding, his collection isn’t limited to one Superstar. Arezzi also has footage of Mil Mascaras‘ Madison Square Garden debut:

As an early Christmas gift to his followers, Arezzi made the following footage available featuring Freddie Blassie challenging WWWF Champion Pedro Morales in a 1973 Madison Square Garden classic:

Arezzi undoubtedly has more footage. We still haven’t seen the Sammartino/Tolos match; but, wait in eager anticipation for our next taste of wrestling history.

Readers can follow John Arezzi on Twitter: @JohnArezzi

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