The Singh Brothers Give Thanks To Their Parents (Photo); Indie Wrestlers Reenact Simpsons Scene (Video)

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

The Singh Brothers Give Thanks To Their Parents (Photo)

Tis the season for giving and for the Singh Brothers it is no different. On social media today, the RAW duo would post a photo of their parents and telling the story of their immigrant dream, moving from India to Canada. The siblings would show their appreciation by gifting them WWE figures of themselves to complement a WrestleMania ring they received on Christmas over 20 years ago:

“In 1996 our parents bought us the ‘Wrestlemania’ Ring. They’ve kept the ring at their house ever since. Today we gave them our 1st ever figures to put in that ring. They’re 2 proud parents & we are 2 proud sons. This is what the dream is all about for immigrant parents.”

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Indie Wrestlers Reenact Simpsons Scene (Video)

Pro Wrestling always loves to intertwine pop culture references into the product. With one of the longest running series on television, The Simpsons, it gets no better in pitting their best moments with that in the squared circle. At a Bar Wrestling event in Los Angeles, independent wrestlers BHK and Laura Clare James pay tribute to the wildly popular “fight scene” between Bart and Lisa Simpson: