WWE Tribute To The Troops Results 12/20/18

Elias and Finn Bálor vs Bobby Lashley w/Lio Rush and Drew McIntyre
Lashley knocks Bálor off the apron, then drives Elias into the corner. Elias tries to fire back but Lashley traps Bálor in the corner. McIntyre tags in. Elias fights his way out of the corner and tags in Bálor. Bálor knocks Lashley off the apron. McIntyre clotheslines Bálor in from behind. After the break, McIntyre drops Bálor with a deadlift vertical suplex. Lashley and McIntyre take turns beating down Bálor. Bálor tags in Elias, Elias takes out Lashley and McIntyre. Elias goes up top but Rush knocks Elias off the top. Elias chases Rush around the ring. Lashley spine busters Elias. Bálor hits the Coup de Grâs on Lashley to break up the pin. Rush tries to get involved again but Bálor kicks Rush off the apron. Elias sunset flips Lashley for the three count.
Winners- Elias and Finn Bálor
Miz TV-
Miz introduces Becky Lynch and Charlotte. Miz says he wants to get to the root of Lynch and Flair’s unresolved issue. Miz pokes at Lynch for being in both his and Flair’s shadow. Lynch makes a dick joke before proclaiming herself the Man. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville interrupt and this turns into a tag match.
Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville
Flair sends Rose and Deville to the outside. Flair mocks Lynch, then hits a dive. Deville fires back with a few stiff shots to Flair. Rose gets a blind tag and surprise attacks Flair. Rose and Deville take turns beating down Flair. Flair fires up. Lynch tags herself in. Flair hits Natural Selection on Deville Lynch pushes Flair and puts Deville in the DisArmHer. Deville taps out.
Winners- Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch

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