Johnny Impact On His Relationship With Brian Cage, Why He Still Doesn’t Trust Killer Kross (Exclusive)

Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

I recently spoke with Johnny Impact during a press tour for IMPACT Wrestling’s Homecoming pay-per-view on January 6th.

Johnny Impact will defend the IMPACT World Championship against Brian Cage at IMPACT Homecoming at the Asylum in Nashville. Johnny spoke about the atmosphere in Nashville, saying it was similar to Louisville when he lived there:

I lived in Louisville for about four years, and even after I moved I stayed there for a bit longer. Nashville, I think, is similar to Louisville where there’s more of a hipstery culture here in Nashville, with the country music and the bars and [Broadway]. And when I say hipster, I mean it in a good way.   

The current IMPACT World Champion had a tough road to the championship in the form of Austin Aries, Killer Kross and Moose. Although Johnny has decisive victories over Aries and Kross, he still wouldn’t mind getting a singles victory over Moose to finally put things to rest:

Do I think that Moose needs another trip to Slamtown? First of all, I’d love to take Moose to Slamtown in a singles match for two reasons. One, because I really like seeing his weird outfits; I don’t know where he’s getting this stuff or how he’s affording it. I feel like on every episode of IMPACT Wrestling Moose has some kind of crazy, new obnoxious outfit. [laughs] Two, Moose talks a lot and he has a very high opinion of himself, and if he doesn’t ever get a singles shot at the title I’ll never hear the end of it, IMPACT will never hear the end of it. People would have a good reason about Moose having a reason to shut up.

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For much of the year, Killer Kross has been a thorn in Johnny’s side, but as we have seen recently, Kross has tried getting on the champion’s good side. Despite this, Johnny says he sees through Kross’ scheme and knows he isn’t being genuine:

Kross—I don’t trust the guy—he’s got a few screws loose. He’s talking about offering his services to me, but no one really knows what those services are. I’m planning on beating Brian Cage at Homecoming by myself with no assistance from Killer Kross, and I’ve told him that over and over again.

When I watch the match back, I realize that he did save Taya from the chair shot from Tessa—which I didn’t realize because at the time I was out on the floor courtesy of Moose’s spear—I don’t know what exactly Killer Kross’ intentions are. I do know this; Killer Kross is doing whatever he’s doing for the benefit of Killer Kross. I’m under no delusions that he’s doing some altruistic thing, to help me for a selfless reason. His primary objective is his own objective. Because of that, that’s why I don’t trust him.

Johnny also touched on his relationship with Brian Cage, who he considers a friend, but will stand on the opposite side of the ring at Homecoming:

Brian and I have been friends for a long time. I’ve wrestled against him and with him. I appreciate him doing what he did by saving Taya and sticking up for her. He’s married too, and if I was in a similar situation and able to save Melissa Santos or their kid from being accosted by Killer Kross or hit by a chair by Tessa, I’d do the same.

It makes the Homecoming match a bit more complicated, but as both of us have said, we’re willing to do whatever it takes to leave Nashville as IMPACT World Champion. It’s confusing, but ultimately I think it comes down to this; wrestling is show business, it’s not ‘show friends.’ There’s only one world championship, and if it comes down to me or him, I’m going to pick me.

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