David Arquette Talks Going ‘Off Script’ In WCW & Holding The Belt For The First Time

(Photo: Andrea Kellaway Photography)

David Arquette was the latest guest on Robert Strauss‘ & Matt Koon‘s Why It Ended… podcast and the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion recollected his time in WCW and touched upon getting the physical belt for the first time, the blow black from it and going off script in favor of the wrestlers in the locker room. A few quotes are below:

David Arquette on receiving the actual WCW World Heavyweight Title For The First Time:

“I’m in charge of this? ‘Yeah, to travel with it. You can not check it. You have to bring it as a carry-on.’ And it’s a real belt. I’m looking at it, it’s all beat up. It’s missing jewels, I’m like ‘You’re telling me that if I lose this, I lose the belt? The actual belt?’ ‘Yes, you cannot lose that.’ So that was a whole trip in itself and I was worried about leaving it in the hotel room.”

On the moment he realized when people wouldn’t be happy about his title win:

“But then I went down to the bar and I’m sitting there and I forgot the wrestler’s last name, but his name was Hugh and he came up to me and I said ‘Did you hear? I just won the championship.’ He said ‘Are you kidding me?’ I said, ‘No, no.’ He says ‘This business! I hate this business! I can’t believe this stupid business!’ And he like stormed off and that was like the first cue that people are pissed about this.”

“I did buy everyone drinks and I bought pizzas and I tried to be a good champion.” [Podcast crew laughs]

On going off script and realizing it was a bad idea:

“It happened with the fans’ reactions, the wrestlers’ reactions, but also I was sitting backstage one time, ready for a show in the locker room, and Booker T was there. And I had gotten to know Booker T pretty well and I didn’t know kind of follow a lot of WWE and I wasn’t as familiar with WCW. I mean I was familiar with a lot of the legends, but I wasn’t as familiar with the whole thing. So I said, ‘Booker T, have you ever been the champion?’ And he was like, ‘No man, I’ve never been the champion.’ And I ask Kanyon and he’d never been the champion, and I was like ‘what?’ So when I went out that night in my interview I went off script, I said, ‘I shouldn’t be champion, Booker T should be champion and Kanyon should be champion.'”

More quotes from the show will be available later on WrestleZone, but you can listen to the entire episode of Why It Ended… by going here.

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