Tito Ortiz Talks Pro Wrestling, His Respect For Ronda Rousey, and How He’d Beat Up CM Punk

CM Punk

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UFC legend, and former TNA star, Tito Ortiz was recently interviewed by The Hannibal TV. During their discussion, he was asked about two other stars that have dabbled in both combat sports: Ronda Rousey and CM Punk. He was also asked if he has any interest in pro wrestling.

Transcription by WrestleZone Senior Editor Tyler Treese.

On Ronda Rousey going to WWE:

I respect Ronda Rousey like no other. For her to make the steps she’s made as a MMA fighter, and a Judo competitor in the Olympics. She became world champion in Strikeforce, then world champion in UFC, doing films and now going to WWE. That’s amazing. I can’t knock anything she’s done since you have to respect hard work and dedication. I respect her a lot.

If he’ll do more pro wrestling:

Any chance of me going to WWE? I don’t think any of those guys want me to kick their ass, so that’s why they don’t bring me there. But Shane, if you need some work done I can be the man.

How CM Punk would do in a fight against him:

CM Punk would get punked. It would be the easiest punk of all punks. I’d slap him around. Bury the grave, bury him, and let The Undertaker walk him out.

Check out the full interview below:

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